Media Outlets Cite Report by The Konkurrenz Group

In its article, “Bayer’s Monsanto Acquisition to Face Politically Charged Scrutiny,” Reuters quotes a report¬†prepared by the Konkurrenz Group on the merger.¬† The article also quotes its co-author Maurice Stucke:

Maurice Stucke, formerly in the Justice Department now with the Konkurrenz Group, said it was highly unlikely that Obama administration antitrust enforcers, who have knocked down a long list of big mergers in concentrated industries this year, would make the final decision in the Bayer-Monsanto deal.

“Merger reviews of this complexity would take six to nine months,” Stucke said. “This would be the first major test of the new administration.”

Other media outlets, including Forbes (Poland), TheStreet and The Irish Times, cited the report.

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