The Konkurrenz Group advises small businesses, Fortune 500 firms, consumer advocacy groups, and governments on issues of competition, privacy and consumer protection law.


An Interdisciplinary Approach

Today’s legal specialization enables lawyers to master the ever-increasing complexity of their particular legal fields.  But the leading attorneys will not be those with the greatest mastery in their narrow field of expertise.  Rather, they will be problem solvers in identifying issues across disciplines and assisting their clients in finding answers to those problems.

Our interdisciplinary, cutting-edge work involves the intersection of competition policy with other areas of law (including constitutional, consumer protection, and privacy law) and fields (including Big Data and Big Analytics).

We provide clients the full range of antitrust legal services. We also work closely with clients, law firms, economists, and consultants to develop and explain the antitrust issues to a range of constituencies, including the media, Congress, the antitrust agencies, and others within the antitrust community.  We do not see our role as necessarily supplanting counsel or other advisors; rather, we believe we can help provide highly focused assistance at the intersection of antitrust and public policy.  We can help move the debate.

Our interdisciplinary focus has generated media appearances, op-ed pieces, testimony before Congress, and roundtables with competition authorities from around the world. We have deep contacts within the competition policy community, including consumer groups, think tanks, academics, agencies, practitioners, and the media.